Our Community

Our team knows how rare it is to be able to use our experiences and talents to create one of a kind elements every day. We say “elements” because we don’t have a specific product line. We will create anything our clients can imagine. Yes, we are woodworkers and we primarily make elements out of wood but that isn’t our limit. We will always push the limits of our abilities, techniques, and technology in order to bring our client’s vision to life. We are pursuing to create a culture of quality, to build relationships of trust, and to provide high-end custom woodworking to Lethbridge, to Southern Alberta, and beyond. Our heart is to build community, to create together the kind of quality we all want to enjoy, and to celebrate the journey of making something beautiful.

Our Logo

We tried to capture and express all of this with our logo. At first, the owl may seem an odd choice but the Great Horned Owl carries such a rich significance for our company. The Great Horned Owl is the bird of our province, it represents our love for Alberta, its history and its beauty. The owl also represents wisdom, experience, and ingenuity. It’s beauty is captivating and inspires creativity. You may not have noticed but the owl’s wing in our logo is decorated with wood grain representing our passion for woodworking. The shape of the owl also holds the subtle monogram of Prairie Handcraft. We hope you continue to see, more and more clearly, our passion in our logo and, more importantly, in our work.

INSTAGRAM: Work in Progress